Dear Haters With No Heart

EDIT: I wrote this creative writing piece a while ago and it was scheduled to post today- it’s pretty ironic due to the backlash I’ve been receiving this past week…

Dear haters with no heart.

Dear those who have the cheek to strip me bare of my valid opinion while willingly helping you and your family educate yourself when it comes to vaccines- more specifically a history of chronic illness AND vaccines; a dangerous combination and clearly a subject that you have no care or expertise in… but you still claim you’re right despite concrete evidence claiming you are far far from it.

What are you trying to achieve from this!? 

The majority if not every single vaccine that exists contains neurotoxins: 
The MMR, Hepatitis A+B, Chicken Pox, Dtap, meningitis, Polio and the HPV vaccine contain “human diploid cells”-this is the unscientific term for aborted foetuses.


-Thimerosal:           } A range of different elements (animal 

-Monkey kidneys.     } organs) are used to create & test a 

-Dog kidney cells.    } vaccine. These elements can not be 

-Mouse brain.           } 100% removed. Therefore animals & 

-Foetus cow serum  } their DNA are included in the final 

-Human albumin:     } product which is then injected into our 

   human plasma        } bodies. Vaccines are NOT Vegetarian

  ( blood plasma. )      } or Vegan friendly! Nobody knows how

              +                      } the animals were killed either…

-Aborted baby foetuses: I.e ‘Human Deploid Cells’  (The Cells used from the foetus can be as old as 14 weeks gestation.) 

WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS CAPABLE OF?? ((I will further elaborate on the substances & compounds in a different post.))

Sodium Borate: (i.e. Rat poison) is a chemical linked to seizures, infertility & paralysis.

Polysorbate 80: is a surfactant & acts as detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming agents and dispersants. It’s toxic when entering the bloodstream.

-L-histidine: causes blood clots, spontaneous miscarriages & birth defects.

-3-O-desacyl-4’ Monophosphoryl lipid A: is a safe adjuvant, but when it is injected with other adjuvants it can cause drastic changes & chronic issues within the spleen. 

-Formaldehyde- mercury. 

-Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate: Aluminium containing mercury: highly neurotoxic 

-Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate: contains ingredients of colon cleansing/ laxative properties. It can cause sepsis when given via injection as well as fast heart rate, stomach cramps, diarrhoea & GI bleeds. 

Lipids: can cause “hyperactivity” of the immune system and there is no control over how it reacts with certain individuals causing autoimmune diseases.

Aborted/miscarried foetuses (up to 14 weeks old so the ‘vaccine virus’ can mature successfully.) 

-Insect cells: mainly moths & armyworm. 

Human albumin: human blood plasma. Everyone has a different blood type and because of this it can be dangerous to those sensitive to blood products when administering (causing an adverse reaction.) It can cause blood infections and/or an instant attack on the immune and autonomic system. 

Your opinion is your opinion… you’re entitled to it. But blimey you don’t have to be so rude, I only warned you that vaccinations cause more harm than good. They don’t ‘save us’ (essentially they never have and they never will.) Clean water and basic personal hygiene saved us from our ‘doom days’ and the invention of antibiotics. But there’s no evidence that vaccines have ever had a positive impact on us as a population, just like there’s no concrete evidence showing that vaccines restored humanity EVER. 
-Vaccines can’t build a home, a family, or a life- humans do. Vaccines have never gifted life neither have vaccines carried a healthy baby for 9 months, that’s the human body’s job. A body with healthy, pure and *natural* immunity. 

I have my opinion too, but why is yours valid and how come mine is discounted? I only said “I am begging you. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES… for your own sake!” And “please don’t be brainwashed by what the government feeds you; it’s not ALL true.” How is that ‘offensive’ or ‘obsessive’ I don’t have to raise any awareness because that awareness is way too late for me- the damage has been done. I do this not to benefit myself, I do it because I care about others and our future generations. For goodness sake. I’m too kind. I don’t know why I’m still typing. It’s a waste of my precious energy that fuels more than my mind.

I know what I know and I do what I do because what lays within your or your child’s next vaccination insert is the pure ugly truth. Why would I bother helping you if it was one big lie? Don’t you think I have better and more constructive things to do with my life? I might only be 19 but don’t let that fool you; I’m not as dumb as you may believe. Looks may deceive.

If you don’t like what you read, next time move on. Spare the hassle. You’re never going to like the reaction you get back, so why even bother to attack?

Humans baffle me. We’re the same species, you’d think we’d be able to come to some level of understanding one another instead of all the unnecessary childish “I know better than you” remarks and the sheer enjoyment of disagreeing with one another’s beliefs. It’s so unbelievably unnecessary. It’s sad and it’s far from the life I dream of living; If I was you I’d turn off your phone and go to physically interact with your children and family while you and they are still alive and healthy. Before it’s too late, wipe a clean slate.
Nobody knows what is lurking around the corner (especially when it comes to the child vaccination program…and new shocking vaccine mandates.) Make every second of your life count.

Arguing with me from behind a keyboard is like burning a clock on fire. When the ashes of the clock remain there’s nothing for you to claim only specks of dust and memories as old as rust. 

You achieved nothing but wrinkles and grey hairs.

You achieved nothing because you showed no cares.


I’M NINETEEN: I Survived Another Year. 

I survived another year: I turned 19 Thursday the 3rd of August!🎀 (although I must admit, I feel much more like 90!) 

It was just an average day if not worse health wise to be truthful. It was way too much for this body of mine to handle & I’m being immensely punished for it- I was prepared for more pain & I knew I’d crash for having any level of ‘fun’, but I didn’t think I would actually crash this bad.. My birthday was torturous enough on it’s own; I was in & out of consciousness all day, major Mast Cell attacks, plus I was hanging off the bed apparently while having a 20 minute seizure- god knows how long I was seizing before mum came in!! Unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning and I couldn’t remember anything.💔 If balloons weren’t at the bottom of my bed which prompted me to look at the date, I would’ve never known it was my birthday!! Yesterday evening (thankfully) I was getting some flashbacks; heartbreakingly the majority of these aren’t reflecting on the lovely day I was told I most definitely had. I can now clearly remember my body torturing me, chocking on my own phlegm & going blind in my left eye!!… but thanks to the pictures my mum had taken, re-looking over my beautiful gifts & being told which family members came, when & what they said FINALLY the happy memories are creeping in. Memory loss is no doubt my worst enemy.

I was spoiled rotten and showered in so much happiness & love. I also had some beautiful and meaningful gifts- I now have a huge crystal haul!!!💎✨

I am totally in my zen and at peace with all these magical stones surrounding me.☮️🔮☯️

Thanks to my lovely followers, friends and family I have had a massive £441 in “happy birthday” donations. I am so so unbelievably grateful for all your contributions and all the shares on my ‘Help Chloe Live Again’ campaign. I am now almost at £12,500! (including some offline donations which have yet to be added, and other donations which will be added when the target of the sponsorers or controbruors have been reached.) 

…You are changing my life!! One pound at a time! £££. THANK YOU!!!…

I hope you all are having an amazing August/summer break.🌻Bedridden or not- what keeps you sane in the summer?☀️


May-A Month of Awareness 

Is it seriously May already!?😰 This month is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Awareness month- with May the 12th being the awareness day. 
May is also an awareness month for the following…

* Arthritis Awareness Month
* Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

* Better Hearing and Speech Month

* National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

* Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

* Lupus Awareness Month 

* Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

* Mental Health Month

* National Osteoporosis Awareness 

* Preeclampsia Awareness Month

* Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (first full week of May)

* National Neuropathy Awareness Week (second full week of May)

* World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (May 20)

* National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

* National Stuttering Awareness Week (May 9-15)

* National Neuropathy Awareness Week (May 12-16)

ME is an illness that affects all body systems; predominantly the neurological, endocrine and immune systems. It is classified as a neurological illness in the World Health Organization (WHO) International Classification of Diseases. FM is a chronic disorder which features widespread musculoskeletal pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons;causing intense pain and inflammation and poor temperature control.
CFS is not just tiredness! It’s utter exhaustion which is not relieved by rest or sleep. It causes cognitive malfunctions such as embarrassing temporary memory loss, brain fog and confusion. CFS is often associated with other autoimmune diseases such as ME and FM but can also be an illness on it’s own. 

I will be educating and spreading more much needed awareness for the next 12days. (Reposting {copying & pasting} from the last couple of years because I’m to sick to write this year😣)

Fibromyalgia: the symptoms.
Neurological complaints — such as numbness, tingling, and burning — are often present with fibromyalgia. While the causes of these feelings is unclear for some central sensitisation is often the key problem causing numbness or tingling sensations in the hands, arms, or legs are felt by many people with this autoimmune disease. 

The medical term for these sensations is paresthesia. The sensations usually happen at irregular times and are also associated with the 6 other pains in the picture below Including pressure points or localised areas of tenderness around the ligaments, tendons and joints.

Currently it is estimated that 250,000 (1 in 250) people in Britain alone are effected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Which is a huge number of people living with an illness that is so poorly understood. 
Autoimmune diseases can affect all types of people at any age with approximately 25,000 young adults/teens becoming ill; and often for unknown reasons. It usually effects healthy and active people who want nothing more than be well enough to pursue their dreams as dancers or athletes. The cause is unknown, however in many cases the onset is linked to viral infections (e.g. Glandular Fever) and other triggers such as: an operation, a car accident or a vaccine injury- anything that can cause trauma to the body can trigger all three conditions. 
In some people the effects may be minimal, but the vast majority of the lives of those affected can be changed dramatically: schooling and higher education can be hugely disrupted, along with social and family life which can become near impossible to handle with a severe form of the above diagnosis’. 
Isolation has a massive impact on the people affected, feeling disconnected from the ‘outside world’. More so when you’re wheelchair bound, house bound or bed bound. I personally have been confined to my bed, living within a darkened room for the most of the last 3 years…
With isolation becomes heartache. 
Seeing the people you used to dance with improving their technique, or photos of friends together on days out without you and knowing that your peers are still in education is another type of pain which we have to endure on top of the physical and debilitating condition. 
It hurts. Everything hurts. 
#myalgicencephalomyelitis #fibromyalgia #CFS #chronicillnessawareness 
Illnesses such as M.E and fibromyalgia can be progressive, degenerative, a chronic and relapsing illness. The fact is, sufferers remain susceptible to relapses for the remainder of their lives- M.E and Fibromyalgia are life long disabilities where relapse is always possible. Cycles of severe relapses are common as further symptoms develop over time. Damage to the skeletal or cardiac muscles and other organs such as the liver, pancreas, endocrine glands and lymphoid tissues signify the further development of a lengthy chronic, neurological condition. Therefore diagnoses such as Postral Orthotatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and gastrointestinal disturbances such as IBS, IBD or Gastroparesis are usually likely. 
The constant ignorance on behalf of the government, the medical industry (and the public) has had devastating consequences for those suffering with theses autoimmune diseases. The decades of abuse and neglect of the million or more people world-wide has to stop. The Stigma has to be broken. The ‘sick’ situation and those affected need to be acknowledged; we need research- plus the causation or trigger (of infection, bodily trauma or vaccine injury) should be recognised just as much as the condition itself… Most importantly, the able-bodied population should consider viewing our “situation” at different angles and perspectives before they judge, mock or demoralise those who want nothing more than to be ‘normal’ & ‘able’.
Will it take another 20 years? It’s the 21st century, how much more extreme does the suffering have to get? How many more 100’s an 1000’s of children and adults worldwide have to be effected? How many more patients will have to struggle needlessly or be horrifically abused or neglected before something is finally done? How many more patients will have to be told that there illnesses are in their heads or labeled as psychosomatic when the pain and symptoms are very real!!
It’s not a matter of ‘if’ us ME or autoimmune sufferers will win the battle for formal recognition and fair treatment, but it’s a matter of when! When is unfortunately entirely up to the authorities. If it was up to us sufferers and how hard we are willing to fight, then we would of fought and thrived by now. 
Surprisingly, the majority of people aren’t willing to do any of the fighting for us [despite us having science and REALITY on our side] nobody truly gets it until they get it. Hopefully one day there will be a breakthrough, and eventually our voices will be heard! 

“The people that have the burning desire within will no doubt have the roaring fire to fight with all their might to tackle any battle and proudly win.” ~Chloe✨

Having these illnesses have basically changed my life. The way I look at the world. How I appreciate the smallest of things. I don’t take anything for granted. I view life at a completely different perspective, and I get easily pleased with the smallest of achievements! If I could turn back time I would really appreciate and be aware of every single step and every breath I took without tingling, numbness being in agony or collapsing. I’d appreciate the ability to eat food & cherish the taste {because I’m now tube fed directly via my bowel and I have severe allergies.} I’d appreciate feeling refreshed after sleeping. I’d appreciate freedom. 
I loved my pain free life regardless, but now I have realised that I should’ve loved it much more. I never really realised how much I loved life, or how much I would miss my ‘old’ life until it was grabbed from me- leaving me in a world full of mystery and loss.
Being chronically sick has shattered my goals, plans and my dreams. Being unwell has taken my ability to (sometimes talk) walk and generally live, let alone follow my dancing dream and do various things a typical teenager should do. I missed out on the concerts, festivals, parties, theatre trips, college, uni, traveling adventures + so much more. I’d do anything to have the healthy life I had 6 years ago. I wish I could have my teenage years that had been stolen from me back…

However as much as I despise being so ill, ironically I would never erase the experiences which have come with the pain, sickness, heartache and all the horrible events that I have endured during my ‘teenhood’. Why? because despite a life full of hardship, hurt and negativity in addition to a bunch of severe diagnosis’ following from a vaccine injury; being unwell has come with many positives that strangely balance out the negatives. 
My ‘new’ life created a new story with blank pages. ‘The Chronicles of Chronic Illness’ began. Each chapter was unexpected- I was forever wondering into the unknown with a variety of new adventures, new goals, new dreams and a brand new altered perspective on everything. I knew my story would be written and printed as new things occurred, its history; and no matter how much I would like it to disappear I know it can never been undone or deleted. That’s why I decided to find the best in every situation to create a story worth being told.  
This never ending fight for my life has taught me an awful lot. I have witnessed and overcome many things that people will ever do in their lifetime. I have found happiness despite darkness and I’ve learnt how powerful that alone can be. I have discovered the inner strength that I never thought I had. I understand how much willpower, determination and endurance it takes to get through every minute of the day. I know who I am. I’m Chloe and I am a warrior. Life has mounded and sculpted me into the wiser, stronger, more educated and more thankful woman I am today. 

“Life is unpredictable, but I am hopeful.”

I Hope that one day suffering will end for me, and for everyone. 

My Response To The Many Questions Asked About Raising Concerns over The Cervical ‘Cancer Jab’.

My response to “Do you know how many people die of cervical cancer… of course cancer is much worse than what your going through; stop scaremongering the vaccine saves lives…is cancer not important?” 

The statistics-ONLY 7.4 causes of cervical are saved out of 100,000 people injected this is proven in an American study  In the UK 1 case of cervical cancer is ‘saved’ out of 40,000 injected (by Cervarix or Gardasil). On average the rate of SEVERE or FATAL adverse reactions is 1 in every 1000 vaccinated. 1 in 10 have an adverse reactions ranging from mild (a floppy arm, headache, nausea fainting) to severe (life long illness, suffering chronic pain or cardiac/ respiratory arrest.) 

To those who think the vaccine is life long protection from all cervical cancers, you’re wrong. Cervarix only ‘prevents’ the HPV virus NOT cancer. Specifically targeting HPV type 16 & 18 out of >>175<< types; 30 of which are cancer causing… It only ‘prevents’ for 3-5 years (Gardasil is 7-10 but has injured more of the population due to more live active HPV proteins and double the amount of aluminium content) 

Girls are given the injection at age 11/12 in the UK but as young as 9 in other countries. At 18 I’m no longer ‘protected’. I’m exposed to the viruses, they’re active in my body; only time will tell if anything sincere develops in myself or other vaccinated women. Most girls around the age of 17/18 are having smears and finding cervical abnormalities and/ or the active HPV protein is found in the body… some of which got sick from this vaccine (like me) and aren’t sexually active, and then they’ve endured stage 3 cervical BECAUSE of the ‘preventative’ vaccine; and it’s proven. If you haven’t watched “the truth about vaccines” episode 5, you need to. The facts are right there coming out of doctors mouths with evidence to back it up. There’s proof people died, the proof is in the autopsies-in the brain, in the heart, the spleen and the blood.

Register here for free:;and either purchase it or wait for the rerun this weekend.

Although irrelevant to the ‘question’…I died. I passed over and spent time in a coma on life support after being resuscitated and in respiratory failure for 9 minutes-nobody knew if I’d wake up; it’s a miracle I’m alive. I’ve seen others in this situation too. It’s not “one in a million” it’s happening everywhere. Those vaccinated and don’t die are left with devastating consequences. I and many others are in premature menopause- we may not have children of our own. On top of that it’s the many various symptoms we battle and suffer with every day. There’s no treatment or cure. My life is equal if not worse to the average cancer sufferer- I saw it in my own eyes while living in hospital for 11 months in London. Some cancer suffers can still walk, eat, drink, be mobile, go outside and live a close to ‘normal’ life’s. Then there’s not just the symptoms and pain we have to battle, it’s a war with medical professionals, the government, authorities and most of all the skeptic public too. 

To answer the question bluntly… Of course cancer is important, a lot of people die of cancer; but raising awareness for this vaccine is much more important to me! 3 out of every 100,000 females in the UK get cervical cancer and on average 900 people die annually (890 in 2014.) This is NOT a result of people no longer getting the inoculation (due to safety concerns) and not due to people raising awareness against this potentially fatal, dangerous and non effective vaccine; it is 30 different cancer causing HPV’s as a whole causing the damage. 

So yeah… that’s why I put my entire amount of precious energy into raising awareness because people think if you have this vaccination you have “life long protection” from ALL cervical cancer strains (both of which aren’t true as explained above.

Summary: THE VACCINE ISN’T LIFE LONG OR EFFECTIVE AND DOESN’T ‘PREVENT’ ALL HPV STRAINS. I know everyone is desperate for a cure against any form if cancer, but unfortunately this isn’t one. Please acknowledge and consider the consequences of this not-so-amazing vaccine. Why? because I don’t want another little girl with an amazing life ahead of her to end up in an absolute mess like me with their hopes, ambitions and dreams shattered and their life goals beyond achievable or reachable. 


Vaccines CAN Injure & Kill… And The Government Knows It!

HI I’m Chloe and I’m 18 y/o I was unfortunately injured by something which was meant to protect me. A vaccine. 

I was injured by Cervarix also known as the Hpv vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. This inoculation has done everything BUT protect me. It’s exposed me. It’s exposed me to a life full of pain and suffering until the day I die. It’s exposed me to sickness and damage beyond repair. There’s no effective treatment, there’s no cure. It’s also exposed me to the HPV virus due to active virus proteins in the injection which can lead to cervical cancer, because this certain vaccine only “protects” for 5-7yrs maximum. That time has passed. I’m An adult now and no longer protected by the “preventative” inoculation and I am now exposed to what I can only describe as a daily living hell on earth. 

On top of that, there’s no acknowledgment or understanding because doctors aren’t taught about the potential side effects, therefore they don’t have the knowledge to diagnose them. Those who are injured can’t get compensation due to flaws in the national vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) which was changed from unrestricted to restricted in October 1988. That change was made by the government, making the public immune from creating a lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturers, pediatricians and the government themselves for their own protection. Although money doesn’t always by health, no matter how hard we fight due to this vaccine injury act we will not get justice unless our blood is cold; unless we’re dead. Even then the parent or next of kin to the individual who was murdered by the vaccine may possibly be compensated up to $250,000 or £120,000 out of “the fund.” But you haven’t heard the worst of it until you find out who is actually responsible for paying the compensations that do get paid. It is not the vaccine manufacturers as you’d first suspect. The system is funded by a surcharge of each dose of vaccines sold. The doctors pay the tax initially when they purchase the vaccine but this is passed right down to the parents of the vaccinated child. So not only are the vaccine manufacturers shielded by the potential lawsuit they are not even responsible for paying one cent or penny of the claims filed against them- you & I are… 
Bad right? 
Moving on, the government essentially forces children to get vaccinated by threatening to not let them into the school system otherwise.
Most parents only option is to home school to avoid this.

Vaccines given to newborns contain an array of potentially toxic chemicals including-


:Aluminum phosphate (toxic and carcinogenic)


:Phenols (corrosive to skin and toxic)

:Live viruses and various other components from aborted fetus cells to unique animal parts, plus much more vulgar ingredients. 

All vaccines carry the risk of serious side effects such as crippling neurological damage, cognitive dysfunction, autism and even death.

If your child is vaccinated according to the CDC the recommended schedule by the time your child kindergarten or nursery he or she will receive 48 doses of 14 different vaccines. Of these, 36 doses will be given during the first 18 months of life {I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a huge amount for a tiny human being”-me too, its barbaric.} The government does this to make them immune to diseases, but what they’re really doing (unintentionally, or not) is damaging their once pure immunity and creating an autoimmune disease epidemic. 
Public health officials have never proven that it is indeed safe to inject this number of volume of vaccines into infants, or even adolescents. What’s more, they cannot explain why there has been an explosion of neurological and immune system disorders in children and young adults worldwide, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations.

Immune system + vaccination= damaged or no immune system.

Immune system and no existing autoimmune disease+vaccination= damaged immunity causing a chronic autoimmune disease. 

Simple logic. I don’t get why it’s so hard to believe? It baffles me!

The number of Chronic debilitating conditions have risen in the last 5 years due to the increase in vaccines, mandatory vaccines and/or non-consented vaccinations.

It is not just a coincidence or correlation; it’s the unfortunate causation. In the next post I will talk about the symptoms of a vaccine injury and what vaccine ingredients consist of.


Side note: If you’d like to continue vaccinating your children, but you want them to be safe. I strongly recommend dr Donald Miller’ more sensible vaccination schedule. This is fare safer alternative to the standard vaccine schedule!

I also recommend you not to play Russian roulette with your health by having the unnecessary HPV vaccination (but I can’t stop you) do your research before you sign on the dotted line. There’s no going back😣💉

“I Dream Of Living How The Rest Of This Planet Does.”

Lately, I have felt an array of emotions that I’m {thankfully} not familiar with. I feel lost, empty, weighed down, heartbroken, jealous, angry, fearful and I just really hurt-physically mentally & emotionally. I’m not use to feeling like this. I’m not use to explaining it. I’m definitely not use to expressing or processing it. Its strange and quite alien to me. I don’t know why I suddenly feel like this, but I do know that I feel as if I need to put these emotions into words in hope that this disappears and it’s only a one off ‘feeling’! I feel lost because I can’t find a doctor who can give me a better quality of life. I feel it’s close, but I don’t know where to go next. I ‘keep on keeping on’ but I’m not getting very far, I’m running round in circles. My illnesses and it’s many added extras are weighing me down; but I want to and will stay afloat. Despite looking at life from a different perspective and many different angles my ‘life’ is on pause; but time is still passing. I feel like I’m running out of time to achieve my plans and dreams which are now beyond realistic; but Im eager to overcome the impossible. 

My heart breaks knowing everyone’s moving forward in life. 

I’m jealous of healthy people (and sometimes those chronically sick, but healthier than me.) Selfishly, I’m jealous of their lifestyle, their functioning bodies, and the freedom they have. I’m not at uni. I can’t go to a club or have an alcoholic drink. I can’t dress how I wish. I don’t wear makeup or pamper myself like I used to. The bed-bound fashion is loungewear and greasy hair! Self love and self care were and still are important to me; I find my ways of boosting body confidence, but I prefer to go all out or do nothing-I can’t find an in between… 

Right now I’m not looking for a miracle cure. At this moment in time: I don’t want to roll over, sit up, eat, drink, party or even walk. I just want a better quality of life. I want to be able to sit in a reclining wheelchair and to simply see the sky and feel the sun or breeze on my face every single day. I want to be with nature. I want to watch the clouds glide across the sky, the flowers bloom, and hear the bees buzz. I want to touch the snow when it falls and feel the shear force of the rain when the heavens open. I dream of watching the seasons change-taking note of when the wild green turns in to a golden hue. The world is alive and breathing, I am too. But it isn’t just ‘Alive’ it’s more than that, it’s living. I don’t just want to exist- I want to simply breathe, contentedly in that ‘outside-world’ while I live rather than survive, that’s all I want to do. We treat and view the world differently me and you.