The Previous admission that turned my life around.

I was in a very bad way. Loosing the little hope I had left. I had no independence. No ‘life’. I just woke up everyday and survived. Getting myself through each and every torturous minute just to get to the next. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk at all. My mum and family had to do everything for me. I basically lived my life lying down flat in a darkened room being confined to my bed for months on end. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel; just total utter darkness. 

No doctor would listen to me about how bad I was getting or realized how seriously unwell I actually was. But on the 4/6/15 I got lucky. That day changed my whole perception of doctors and there attitudes, because this doctor was genuine and totally different to all the rest. He’s my absolute hero. He took one look at me, got on the phone and got me admitted to hospital straight away. He completely made up for all the medical professionals who had let me down badly in the past. From then on, i instantly new the outcome would be good.

After countless tests and investigations I was diagnosed with Postural Orthstatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) a form of dysautonomia, resulting in excessive rise in heart rate, increased norepinephrine in the blood and altered blood flow to the brain causing a cocktail of symptoms. I was finally put on heart medication which thankfully helped before the illness caused more damage to my already broken body. I then began my rehabilitation program when some of the symptoms were tamed. I was very lucky that there were still something to work with. A couple more months later i may have had no chance of even the slightest of recovery. I may have never took a single step ever again. There may have been no Chloe if i was left much longer. But i did, and there is. I was very lucky. Very lucky to find a doctor that truly cared for his patient, her life and her hopes and dreams. These Doctors are rare and very special. He helped me turn my life around and helped me get my life back! I may still be a long way from where I want to be, but i am one step closer than I was yesterday thanks to this one man and his wonderful team.

I can now see the light.

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