‘What’s The Best That Could Happen’

Many people ask, " how do you do it" "how do you cope with being so ill?" Somedays I honestly don't know how. Something I do know is to BELIEVE!
Focusing on what is the best thing that can happen is better than worrying what's the worst possible thing that can go wrong-because it will haunt you. Fearing the worst will always bring you down. It causes worry. It holds you back. I Always look at life from a positive perspective. As if the glass was half full not half empty. Focusing on the worst case scenario will stop you from enjoying yourself, making decisions and living life- you'll always live in fear. Just because there's an element of risk involved, it doesn't mean you should forget about it the idea; work with it. That's optimism. Being optimistic is like my religion, I look for the best in any situation and expect good things to happen. If they don't I try again another day. Don't get me wrong, I have had very negative days where I wonder if anything will ever work out the way I want it to. Especially being a chronic illness fighter, everything is unpredictable-things get tough and things go wrong; but on those bad days I goto bed and I wake up and say "today will be better" or today's a new day" and I try again. Every optimist sees a silver lining in everything. As if everything is meant to be. I had to drop out of college because I was too unwell, I was gutted at first, but now my mind is already whirling with the countless possibilities ahead of me. Think of optimism as an adventure. You don't know what's round the corner and you don't know what the future will hold until you reach the destination. Some may find this daunting, but think of it as one of life's surprises. Live in the moment, go for it! 'What's the best that could happen?

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