The battle with my body.

Today’s scores–Body 1- Chloe – 0 today I’ve been defeated,but I’ll never surrender.

My body has let me down big time today. I Had a waste of a physio session and really shocked my therapist with how bad I was (and that wasn’t my absolute worst because I could still twitch my feet!) I Couldn’t stand at all, even with two Physios taking most my weight. I just flopped and almost threw up because of the intensity of pain. I had to accept that today wasnt going to go my way no matter how hard I tried-Body said no and I couldn’t change that. Everything is sooo unbelievably weak… And these episodes are getting more often now which is annoying because I have come so far rehabilitation wise. Having frequent allergic reactions isn’t helping much either. It’s driving me mad, and it’s pretty hard to stay cool, calm and collected in those kind of situations!! Hopefully these new steroids and stronger antihistamines do the trick until I can get an appointment for emergency allergy testing. Two health pros are thinking Mast Cell activation, but I’ll have to wait and see! #autoimmunesucks #allergicreaction #chronicpain 

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