Invisible Illness Awareness Week.

This week is #invisibleillnessawarenessweek. Sometimes on the outside someone who suffers from a debilitating chronic illness may look ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’, especially when wearing make up, masking the dull and pale complexion from many daily struggles and long painsomnia nights. On the inside of a chronic illness fighter their body is broken. Their body is failing them no matter how hard they try, no matter what mindset they have.There are different levels of severities, but every chronic illness fighter experiences some level of chronic pain. (Chronic meaning persistent and long lasting.) none of which is easy to handle. Each and every chronic illness fighter battles and takes on each and every day with a smile on there face; trying to live a normal life, trying to not become a burden on their family and friends.

Some people question if the chronic illness fighter is ill at all and are rude and hurtful all because of lack of understanding and just because the fighter is always putting on a brave face. They don’t want sympathy they just want people to listen and understand. Understand that even under that smile they are hurting. They are scared. Understand they have limits. To understand that their health is unpredictable not the fighter themselves! And to understand their life’s have been turned upside down, shattering dreams, loosing there jobs, loosing friends, and loosing there old healthy life which every healthy person takes for granted. 

My illnesses are not exactly invisible because I use a wheelchair. But there are some people who don’t need to use any medical equipment/ support and are still unwell and fighting hard. 

Take time to listen, and don’t judge on what you don’t know or on appearance. Take time to ask people about their condition. It will open your eyes to see how visible and how challenging their journey really is. #awarenessmatters #chronicillness 

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