My Telagraph press response.


Like many people have said, today has not been a great day to be an ME sufferer!! The press has caused so much upset and damage. Today in the telegraph an article on the front page was about ME being cured by “a positive mind” and exercise. On the newspaper online there was a large picture of a happy, healthy man jogging through the park (because we are totally well enough to do that; a shower is torture for me) – “ME sufferers can overcome symptoms of ME by positive thinking and excersie” and “ME is not a chronic illness” were all said in this pathetic article. Oh and being ” active and (having a) altered mindset makes daily life more easier to cope with”. Yes maybe for healthy people feeling bogged down with life- but the severely and chronically ill? no. They’re so uneducated. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP.They don’t have a clue!! There’s only so much you can do with a positive mindset; yes, it’s a distraction from negative thoughts, but it’s not a distraction from the daily severe and PHYSICAL pain, paralysis, fainting and a whole cocktail of other symptoms. Being positive doesn’t make it all vanish!! Oh, and for exercise. I used to be the most active and energetic 12 year old. I was dancing everyday, playing hockey, netball, rounders an doing what every young girl does. I do not and can not exercise now because of my PHYSICAL limitations. I don’t dwell on the pain, and I don’t avoid any activity because there is a risk of pain. I cant physically exercise because of paralysis; and post exertional malaise hits be hard after brushing my teeth. (I push myself in ways that every healthy person could never imagine.) Apparently, according to the article, we do and that we “fear exercise “, and our mental health causes us to do so. I won’t accept that-I refuse to.It infuriates me. Chronic illness fighters fight to get through each and every second of the day. We have determination, will power, and are the most focused and positive people you’ll ever meet. We don’t sit there and feel sorry for ourselves. If anything we try to convince people we’re not in pain to avoid worrying people,and we try to live a normal life, but that’s impossible. Our lives have changed so much, we’re nowhere near normality. But we still hide our pain and symptoms as we hate to be a burden on our friends and family.

We’re not hypochondriacs! We are very unwell and deserve recognition for our daily courage and perseverance. Not to be humiliated by false and twisted information and to publicly put a psychological stamp on a debilitating, REAL and PHYSICAL disease.

One thought on “My Telagraph press response.

  1. OK, seriously, this kind of misinformation is negligence in my book. They are spreading myths about ME and basically placing “blame” for the illness on the patient! This is ridiculous. Thanks for addressing this stupidity and ignorance.

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