Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2017

Feeding tube awareness week this year lands on the 6th-10th of February.The mission of this Awareness Week is to promote the positive benefits of feeding tubes while providing evidence to prove that tubes are a lifesaving medical intervention- not an accessory or private cosmetic detox regime (as highlighted in the media in 2016.)The week also serves to educate the public on how many different forms of tube feeding there are. As well as showing the world the purpose of enteral feeding and the many reasons for why it is needed. 

The theme of this particular week is “Fueling Life” because feeding tubes make it possible for those unable to eat or drink to get the valuable nutrition and hydration they need for life in order to survive. Without it they’d be running on empty and would be severely malnourished and would eventually die.

My aim is to change the stigma. Feeding tubes aren’t just for those with anorexia. They are not just for people going through chemotherapy. They can be needed from birth or randomly, at any stage of your life. Most people are tube fed due to a gastric motility disorder, an autoimmune disease or in my case, Gastroparesis and a Eosinophilic colitis. 
Having a tube isn’t rare. If you see someone on the street with any type of tube please don’t stare or laugh. Smile at them, approach them in confidence and congratulate them. Why? Because they will be so thankful and remember it for the rest of their tubie lives.
Be kind. 

You never know if you’d be needing a feeding tube to save your or your loved ones precious life one day. 
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One thought on “Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2017

  1. Your valiant spirit comes shining through.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I tell people all the time not to take this vaccine but mom’s and dads won’t listen.

    I have someone who is a nutritionist who specializes in a wonderful area.

    If you email me I will give her your email or what ever and you two could talk.

    My heart breaks for you as we have a vaccine injured son.

    Blessings and Hugz

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