Vaccine injury-It’s not “one in a million” 

Being vaccine injured and speaking about it publicly not a lot of people believe, they think it’s incredibly rare, and they want proof. I’m constantly told “it must be one in a million” and “it’s a coincidence”; it’s definitely not, in fact it’s not even one in one thousand- it’s approximately 105 people who are severely unwell per 1000 injected, I will show you why…

Unfortunately there are not many accrete statistics from the UK to present to people who don’t believe how many are injured by the HPV vaccine. So here below is a recent Aluminium poisoning vaccine review, plus the USA vaccination case study (which is said to have its information collected after 2 years of Gardasil 9 existing). It provides the public with a statistical insight; proving that a mass amount of teens get injured by Gardasil- in this text it is referred and compared to an unbelievably small percentage per 100,000 cervical cancer cases.
The Source: 
“For the first time, Merck (the manufacturer) has disclosed what may indeed be close to the true rate of serious adverse events people are suffering after the use of Gardasil and will probably continue to suffer if they consent to using (the “new” and “improved”) Gardasil 9. The only difference would be that the rates may be higher when used in the general population (instead of a monitored study) because certain ‘at-risk’ groups are excluded from this small clinical trial participation but not from vaccination programs.” Child vaccination programs take place across the globe-each country have there own rules and regulations, for example: the US give 3 ‘shots’ in one whereas the UK gives 3 over the course of 6 months. US citizens are more likely to be injured due to the ‘shot’ volume (which is triple the UK’s recommended dose.) Therefore, taking that into consideration the rate of those vaccine injured outside of this trial is likely to be significantly higher; especially if a specific state or country labels the HPV vaccine as mandatory. 
–Here is the main case study criteria word for word from the article which is backed up by statistics and table diagrams–
“2.3-2.5% (of severe adverse reactions) doesn’t sound that bad until you compare apples to apples. Cervical cancer rates are always quoted as # per 100,000. Given the above information {from the source}, for every 100,000 people using Gardasil 9 there would be 2,300+ serious adverse events. The cervical cancer diagnosis rate in the United States is 7.9/100,000.

What health official in their right mind is willing to anticipate 2,300 serious adverse events to try and prevent 7.9 cases of cervical cancer?”
Then “In addition to the serious adverse events, you now have (at least) an additional 2,400 people who will be left with systemic autoimmune disorders. How can any health official possibly think Gardasil 9 is worth this kind of risk?”
Here’s Both Gardasil & Gardasil 9 (commonly used HPV vaccinations world wide) statistics combined-
Severe adverse events…

Number of shots given:

Gardasil-13,234 +

Gardasil 9-7,378 

=20,612 in total.

Percentage & number of Serious reactions/events:

|2.3% |305 +

|2.5% |185 

For 20,612 people in the controlled case study with Gardasil and Gardasil 9 combined 4.8% (490 people) got incredibly severe/fatal reactions. 

Therefore, for every 100,000 injected an estimated 4,800 people have severe reactions to prevent ONLY >>7.9 out of 100,000<< cases of cervical cancer!
Autoimmune Disorders…

Number of shots given:

Gardasil 13,234 +

Gardasil 9 7,378 

=20,612 in total.

Percentage & number of autoimmune disorders 

|2.4% =321 +

|3.3% =240

For 20,612 people in the controlled case study with Gardasil and Gardasil 9 combined 5.7% (561 people) got life long autoimmune disorders.
Therefore for every 100,000 injected 5,700 people get severely sick with systemic/autoimmune diseases to prevent >>7.9 out of 100,000<< cases of cervical cancer. 
Overall, in calculation (4.8%+5.7%= 10.5%) of (490+561=) 1,051 people got majorly SEVERELY affected out of 20,612 people who got injected in this particular study. Therefore, per every 100,000 injected 10,500 people can get severely sick from both Gardasil or Gardasil 9. Furthermore, to conclude, thousands will have poor quality of lives to prevent or protect ONLY 7.9 out of 100,000 cases of cervical cancer- which is shocking. In theory, that’s basically HALF of the TOTAL people vaccinated (20,612) within this american scientifically controlled case study. 
Imagine if these case studies would of taken place in every single country across the world!
The aluminium levels that hide within the product which inoculates our future generation of adolescents is a story in itself. View the source link to see the toxic levels within the vaccine which is printed on the product insert; the insert which is restricted to be seen by parents and the public.
Are these statistics worth the risk?   

I know my answer. What’s yours! 

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