“I’m Sick. And It Sickens Me…” 

Im not only sick of being sick…

I’m sick of being called “anti vax”, when I’m not and never clarified that I am (although I should be!) Im sick of people who don’t care to acknowledge or understand the truth. I’m not just trying to find something to blame my conditions on. This is REAL. It sickens me that people would think that!

I inject myself everyday as a part of a routine to keep me alive. “Anti vaxxers” don’t inject anything or have any type of needle in them which provides medication or inoculation at all (unless 100% proven to not cause adverse reactions or have any reported side effects) which is basically next to nothing.. they use natural remedies to heal.

–Refer to my previous blog post for my full story–

For those who want evidence, although I shouldn’t need to explain myself, I will. I will battle for answers. I will go privately to get multiple tests done within Europe (and maybe the USA) and I WILL get my own proof in my hands other than the NHS’; but that is for the benefit of myself, nobody else. Then I will fight for the treatment I desperately need and deserve. It won’t be easy, but I will. 
My main aim {based on the topic of HPV vaccineinjury} is to write to many health authorities along with pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine manufacturers and plea for much needed research for those injured; and to prevent more of our adolescents getting hurt by this not-so-necessary inoculation. I want to do my own case study. 
Could it be a certain GENE, CELL or BLOOD TYPE?

–That’s what I and the rest of the world want to know!–

Join me in spreading awareness and help get our voices heard🗣 if you’re injured by Cervarix or Gardasil or know some who is, please comment..

– your full name.

-the country you live in.

-your age: when you got the vaccine & your age now

– write a brief summary of your symptoms, conditions & mobility status.

-are you mild moderate or severely affected. 

Thank you in advance, Chloe🌸

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