7 Things NOT To Say To Someone Who Is Vaccine Injured.

Hi, I’m Chloe-an 18 year old girl who has a bundle of debilitating chronic conditions after being injured by the HPV vaccine. (That’s right, a vaccine; and I’m not afraid to admit it!)

Here’s some information about me and my views on this ‘controversial’ subject…

In October 2016 I died and came back to life due to the severity of my damaged ANS-I was resuscitated and put on life support until my internal organs recovered and until I could breathe without a ventilator. 

The onset of symptoms noticeably came after my second out of three injections.

Before I got sick I did many things girls age 12 should do. I hiked, mountain biked, went to the park, rollerbladed to the shops, had social gatherings, went to the cinema, birthday parties, I had friends.

I was a dancer. And I think that speaks for itself. I had an artistic, busy and athletic lifestyle. I danced 6 days a week; at at the studio, at school and I also stretched and worked on technique religiously at home. I loved to goto after-school sport and dance clubs every night. I loved the fact that I had a regime and something to look forward to every day. I was on the right road to getting A’s at GCSE.I lived life to the max, life has always been important to me, more so now I’m isolated from the real world. I danced to feel free, in control and to have the time of my life. I used my body to create a piece of art. I made memories which I now use as a coping mechanism and a tool to guide me and help me deal with a life full of disappointment, hardship, illness and pain. 

I wanted to have a dance career; my heart bleeds with the torture knowing I may never walk again, let alone dance again

Everyday is a battle against not only the never ending symptoms and pain, but the NHS, the government, authorities, and the pro-vaccine community; sceptics too. The adverse reaction to the vaccine and the conditions I have developed over the years has had a huge impact on my life. Now my life is complicated. My future is uncertain. Tomorrow is another day but I never know what tomorrow or even the next hour will bring; I can’t predict the future and I can’t plan ahead. I’m not only reliant on my family to care for me, but I am reliant on 24 hours of IV compounded fluids via a central line which sits at the top of my heart to prevent me from internal dehydration & fainting led down. I can’t swallow or tolerate anything in my stomach, including bile, so I rely on two tubes in my abdomen-one for feeding & the other for draining. I’m reliant on my mum to administer emergency medication and to assist me through a variety of challenging symptoms I endure daily, including: constant paralysis from the waste down which can travel up my body, the random and exhausting seizures, Mast Cell reactions, tear jerking crippling pain and the possibility of fatal infections such as sepsis. Then there’s the war with the invisible aspects people don’t usually see: the nausea, vomiting, migraines, vision problems, light, noise and skin sensitivity, the multiple injection wounds from injecting daily to reduce blood clots. You don’t see the the paralysed stomach or delayed motility of my GI tract, the raw inflammation and ulceration in my colon, the over active nerve endings, blocked signals in my brain and spinal cord, and of course you don’t see me confined to my bed in a darkened room pleading for the intensity of the pain to subside and the living hell to stop. 

It’s all hidden until my testimony and voice is heard. 

Unfortunately people look at my story from many different angles. To some my story inspiring and eye opening, but to others it is viewed as a sickening, fake, scaremongering ‘anti-vax’ propaganda debate. Which isn’t my intentions at all! 

The small majority of the world will never believe, nor entertain the idea of that vaccine being the predominant cause of all of my (and 100’s of 1000’s of others) debilitating, life altering, sometimes fatal diseases. Sadly it’s the pure, raw and alarming truth, and the proof is embedded deep within my body. It’s reality, my reality, and my everyday life. Undoubtedly I will forever be scrutinised, penalised, hated and get a huge amount of backlash for saying it how it is. Many say “stop lying…you’re faking it… a vaccine can’t do this (x,y,z)… you’re scaremongering the vulnerable.” Many attack me because they simply don’t want to hear it. Six years have passed and I’ve never understood the reason why. 
In the 21st century the British public and authorities are now viewing the world differently compared to previous centuries; accepting new religious movements, ethnicity, homosexuality, gender change, freedom of abortion, gay marriage and most importantly disability and diseases which were once labelled psychosomatic. So why on earth cant they accept that vaccine damage is happening (and that not all vaccines are safe) when vaccine injury has been occurring for centuries? It baffles me. It’s hurtful too. Nobody deserves to be silenced for telling the truth.

Getting the public to understand is near impossible. I just simply want the public to acknowledge this barbaric situation in which many suffer in silence with. So to encourage that…

Here’s 7 things you should NOT say to someone vaccine injured.

1. “Vaccines make you better, not sick.” -that statement is false and implies that vaccine injury isn’t possible. This is what people like to think. It’s almost like a safety blanket which is encouraged with vaccine propaganda /news by the government and mainstream media. A population of fearful civilians is harder to control than sick ones. 

2. “Everyone gets side affects from a vaccine, I only had an achey arm- stop exaggerating”
– this is partially true. 1 in 10 people get side affects from the HPV inoculation. Without exaggeration, this could be mild, moderate, severe or fatal; from a floppy arm to paralysis to respiratory failure and death. 

3. “Get a psyc assessment-you’re messed up!” – from my point of view its painful to hear those words. It makes the individual question if what they’re going through is really real, when it’s the realist part of their life. The statement is powerful, in a negative way. The words stick with you; even more so when you’re fighting for your life in intensive care with symptoms that are medically and scientifically PHYSICAL. A mental disorder does not cause a cardiac arrest primarily. 

4. “You liar” or “stop acting up”– now that is just pure evil to anyone suffering a high level of pain and/or damage to their bodies. Yes you may hear stories of people pretending to be sick for benefit money, but telling someone who is truthfully paralysed, fed through a tube and unable to care for themselves… is beyond offensive and upsetting.

5. “Work harder…Get out of bed…You need to push beyond your boundaries”. To the person suffering these words just mean “you’re plain lazy”- implying that they aren’t doing the best they can, when in fact they’re using all the willpower they’ve got just to get through each second of the day. We injured would love to just hop out of bed, but we can’t. And in all honesty we tend to push ourselves more than we should do, repeatedly; causing relapses and emergency situations. 

6. “You uneducated scaremongerer”-in fact we are well educated. More educated than a regular medic because they don’t study vaccinations in depth in med school (despite advising and administering them often throughout their career.) We don’t scare the public into not being injected either, we’re providing people with trustworthy information about the untold adverse effects so that parents can make an informed decision. To be accrete, doctors and the government are ‘scaremongering’. Especially when the UK information leaflet highlights “your daughter WILL be protected by 70% of cervical cancers” therefore stating if your daughter doesn’t get vaccinated she’s 70% more likely to get cancer in her lifetime. What would most parents prefer to go with? Easily sentence one! Why? Because every parent wants what is supposedly ‘best’ for their child.

7. “So you’d prefer people get cancer than have the HPV vaccine?”– this is a statement which can’t be ignored when blasted over social media. Firstly, it isn’t true, our words are being twisted. My argument is that cancer suffers life’s are bad but a vaccine injured life is equally bad, if not worse than the average cancer fighter-Im the living proof of that. Secondly, as quoted by the NHS the inoculation only “protects” for 7 years maximum (Cervarix was 5.) This is why many young women have pre-cancerous cells as young as 18 in their smear tests OR endured aggressive Cervical Cancer as well as getting an adverse reaction to the vaccination which DID NOT protect them {potentially related to active virus’ within the vaccine.} Statistically, the vaccine doesn’t prevent cancer, it prevents HPV. 

*There are 175 types of HPV, and the vaccine only protects against two of them. There are 30 cancer causing Human papillomavirus’, so truthfully those vaccinated would not be 70% protected! The leaflet also states that “Almost 1000 women die of cervical cancer in the UK every year” that’s why you should vaccinate… But it doesn’t specify that HPV types 16 & 18 kills that sum of people-it is 30 cancer causing viruses as a whole. Therefore being vaccinated will only save a minute fraction of 1000 women annually. (In the US 9.6 cases of cancer are prevented per 100,000 vaccinated!!) Thousands are getting sick to save an unbelievably small amount of cancer cases. An adverse reaction to the injection is life long, there’s no cure. In my eyes, the risk is not worth it.

With all the negativity and lack of acknowledgement we have when the statistics are infront of us, I believe we, vaccine injury survivors and caregivers deserve at least the uttermost respect for the many different battles we constantly have to face. This loquacious, life-altering topic has to be the most neglected and unprecedented situation in health history that I and many others will ever come across. That needs to change sooner rather than later, otherwise it never will.

I guarantee my future won’t be how I planned it, but it will be full of determination and dedication to continue raising much needed awareness, just like this, so ten years from now vaccine injury and the damage it causes will be just as recognised as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Dementia and Cancer.

“A successful person is a person that can build a firm foundation with the bricks that life has thrown at them”~Chloe✨


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