Vaccines CAN Injure & Kill… And The Government Knows It!

HI I’m Chloe and I’m 18 y/o I was unfortunately injured by something which was meant to protect me. A vaccine. 

I was injured by Cervarix also known as the Hpv vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. This inoculation has done everything BUT protect me. It’s exposed me. It’s exposed me to a life full of pain and suffering until the day I die. It’s exposed me to sickness and damage beyond repair. There’s no effective treatment, there’s no cure. It’s also exposed me to the HPV virus due to active virus proteins in the injection which can lead to cervical cancer, because this certain vaccine only “protects” for 5-7yrs maximum. That time has passed. I’m An adult now and no longer protected by the “preventative” inoculation and I am now exposed to what I can only describe as a daily living hell on earth. 

On top of that, there’s no acknowledgment or understanding because doctors aren’t taught about the potential side effects, therefore they don’t have the knowledge to diagnose them. Those who are injured can’t get compensation due to flaws in the national vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) which was changed from unrestricted to restricted in October 1988. That change was made by the government, making the public immune from creating a lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturers, pediatricians and the government themselves for their own protection. Although money doesn’t always by health, no matter how hard we fight due to this vaccine injury act we will not get justice unless our blood is cold; unless we’re dead. Even then the parent or next of kin to the individual who was murdered by the vaccine may possibly be compensated up to $250,000 or £120,000 out of “the fund.” But you haven’t heard the worst of it until you find out who is actually responsible for paying the compensations that do get paid. It is not the vaccine manufacturers as you’d first suspect. The system is funded by a surcharge of each dose of vaccines sold. The doctors pay the tax initially when they purchase the vaccine but this is passed right down to the parents of the vaccinated child. So not only are the vaccine manufacturers shielded by the potential lawsuit they are not even responsible for paying one cent or penny of the claims filed against them- you & I are… 
Bad right? 
Moving on, the government essentially forces children to get vaccinated by threatening to not let them into the school system otherwise.
Most parents only option is to home school to avoid this.

Vaccines given to newborns contain an array of potentially toxic chemicals including-


:Aluminum phosphate (toxic and carcinogenic)


:Phenols (corrosive to skin and toxic)

:Live viruses and various other components from aborted fetus cells to unique animal parts, plus much more vulgar ingredients. 

All vaccines carry the risk of serious side effects such as crippling neurological damage, cognitive dysfunction, autism and even death.

If your child is vaccinated according to the CDC the recommended schedule by the time your child kindergarten or nursery he or she will receive 48 doses of 14 different vaccines. Of these, 36 doses will be given during the first 18 months of life {I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a huge amount for a tiny human being”-me too, its barbaric.} The government does this to make them immune to diseases, but what they’re really doing (unintentionally, or not) is damaging their once pure immunity and creating an autoimmune disease epidemic. 
Public health officials have never proven that it is indeed safe to inject this number of volume of vaccines into infants, or even adolescents. What’s more, they cannot explain why there has been an explosion of neurological and immune system disorders in children and young adults worldwide, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations.

Immune system + vaccination= damaged or no immune system.

Immune system and no existing autoimmune disease+vaccination= damaged immunity causing a chronic autoimmune disease. 

Simple logic. I don’t get why it’s so hard to believe? It baffles me!

The number of Chronic debilitating conditions have risen in the last 5 years due to the increase in vaccines, mandatory vaccines and/or non-consented vaccinations.

It is not just a coincidence or correlation; it’s the unfortunate causation. In the next post I will talk about the symptoms of a vaccine injury and what vaccine ingredients consist of.


Side note: If you’d like to continue vaccinating your children, but you want them to be safe. I strongly recommend dr Donald Miller’ more sensible vaccination schedule. This is fare safer alternative to the standard vaccine schedule!

I also recommend you not to play Russian roulette with your health by having the unnecessary HPV vaccination (but I can’t stop you) do your research before you sign on the dotted line. There’s no going back😣💉


3 thoughts on “Vaccines CAN Injure & Kill… And The Government Knows It!

  1. Hi there Chloe, I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I admire you for sharing this information with people and for telling your story. The world needs to hear it. Vaccines are a touchy topic, and I constantly receive backlash for voicing the truth about vaccines so I know that you are brave for doing so yourself. Keep telling your story, and keep speaking the truth!!! The world needs to hear it. Praying for you and your family ❤️

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