My Response To The Many Questions Asked About Raising Concerns over The Cervical ‘Cancer Jab’.

My response to “Do you know how many people die of cervical cancer… of course cancer is much worse than what your going through; stop scaremongering the vaccine saves lives…is cancer not important?” 

The statistics-ONLY 7.4 causes of cervical are saved out of 100,000 people injected this is proven in an American study  In the UK 1 case of cervical cancer is ‘saved’ out of 40,000 injected (by Cervarix or Gardasil). On average the rate of SEVERE or FATAL adverse reactions is 1 in every 1000 vaccinated. 1 in 10 have an adverse reactions ranging from mild (a floppy arm, headache, nausea fainting) to severe (life long illness, suffering chronic pain or cardiac/ respiratory arrest.) 

To those who think the vaccine is life long protection from all cervical cancers, you’re wrong. Cervarix only ‘prevents’ the HPV virus NOT cancer. Specifically targeting HPV type 16 & 18 out of >>175<< types; 30 of which are cancer causing… It only ‘prevents’ for 3-5 years (Gardasil is 7-10 but has injured more of the population due to more live active HPV proteins and double the amount of aluminium content) 

Girls are given the injection at age 11/12 in the UK but as young as 9 in other countries. At 18 I’m no longer ‘protected’. I’m exposed to the viruses, they’re active in my body; only time will tell if anything sincere develops in myself or other vaccinated women. Most girls around the age of 17/18 are having smears and finding cervical abnormalities and/ or the active HPV protein is found in the body… some of which got sick from this vaccine (like me) and aren’t sexually active, and then they’ve endured stage 3 cervical BECAUSE of the ‘preventative’ vaccine; and it’s proven. If you haven’t watched “the truth about vaccines” episode 5, you need to. The facts are right there coming out of doctors mouths with evidence to back it up. There’s proof people died, the proof is in the autopsies-in the brain, in the heart, the spleen and the blood.

Register here for free:;and either purchase it or wait for the rerun this weekend.

Although irrelevant to the ‘question’…I died. I passed over and spent time in a coma on life support after being resuscitated and in respiratory failure for 9 minutes-nobody knew if I’d wake up; it’s a miracle I’m alive. I’ve seen others in this situation too. It’s not “one in a million” it’s happening everywhere. Those vaccinated and don’t die are left with devastating consequences. I and many others are in premature menopause- we may not have children of our own. On top of that it’s the many various symptoms we battle and suffer with every day. There’s no treatment or cure. My life is equal if not worse to the average cancer sufferer- I saw it in my own eyes while living in hospital for 11 months in London. Some cancer suffers can still walk, eat, drink, be mobile, go outside and live a close to ‘normal’ life’s. Then there’s not just the symptoms and pain we have to battle, it’s a war with medical professionals, the government, authorities and most of all the skeptic public too. 

To answer the question bluntly… Of course cancer is important, a lot of people die of cancer; but raising awareness for this vaccine is much more important to me! 3 out of every 100,000 females in the UK get cervical cancer and on average 900 people die annually (890 in 2014.) This is NOT a result of people no longer getting the inoculation (due to safety concerns) and not due to people raising awareness against this potentially fatal, dangerous and non effective vaccine; it is 30 different cancer causing HPV’s as a whole causing the damage. 

So yeah… that’s why I put my entire amount of precious energy into raising awareness because people think if you have this vaccination you have “life long protection” from ALL cervical cancer strains (both of which aren’t true as explained above.

Summary: THE VACCINE ISN’T LIFE LONG OR EFFECTIVE AND DOESN’T ‘PREVENT’ ALL HPV STRAINS. I know everyone is desperate for a cure against any form if cancer, but unfortunately this isn’t one. Please acknowledge and consider the consequences of this not-so-amazing vaccine. Why? because I don’t want another little girl with an amazing life ahead of her to end up in an absolute mess like me with their hopes, ambitions and dreams shattered and their life goals beyond achievable or reachable. 



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