I’M NINETEEN: I Survived Another Year. 

I survived another year: I turned 19 Thursday the 3rd of August!🎀 (although I must admit, I feel much more like 90!) 

It was just an average day if not worse health wise to be truthful. It was way too much for this body of mine to handle & I’m being immensely punished for it- I was prepared for more pain & I knew I’d crash for having any level of ‘fun’, but I didn’t think I would actually crash this bad.. My birthday was torturous enough on it’s own; I was in & out of consciousness all day, major Mast Cell attacks, plus I was hanging off the bed apparently while having a 20 minute seizure- god knows how long I was seizing before mum came in!! Unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning and I couldn’t remember anything.💔 If balloons weren’t at the bottom of my bed which prompted me to look at the date, I would’ve never known it was my birthday!! Yesterday evening (thankfully) I was getting some flashbacks; heartbreakingly the majority of these aren’t reflecting on the lovely day I was told I most definitely had. I can now clearly remember my body torturing me, chocking on my own phlegm & going blind in my left eye!!… but thanks to the pictures my mum had taken, re-looking over my beautiful gifts & being told which family members came, when & what they said FINALLY the happy memories are creeping in. Memory loss is no doubt my worst enemy.

I was spoiled rotten and showered in so much happiness & love. I also had some beautiful and meaningful gifts- I now have a huge crystal haul!!!💎✨

I am totally in my zen and at peace with all these magical stones surrounding me.☮️🔮☯️

Thanks to my lovely followers, friends and family I have had a massive £441 in “happy birthday” donations. I am so so unbelievably grateful for all your contributions and all the shares on my ‘Help Chloe Live Again’ campaign. I am now almost at £12,500! (including some offline donations which have yet to be added, and other donations which will be added when the target of the sponsorers or controbruors have been reached.) 

…You are changing my life!! One pound at a time! £££. THANK YOU!!!…

I hope you all are having an amazing August/summer break.🌻Bedridden or not- what keeps you sane in the summer?☀️



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