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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Chloe. I just saw a post of yours on Facebook and WOW. You are the true definition of strength and inspiration.

    I am a hypnotist and I work with people for all different setbacks including pain management. Hypnosis has also been known to boost overall healing and speed up recovery. While I don’t know that I can heal you, I’d love to offer my services free of charge.

    Hypnosis has changed my life which is why I decided to learn, master and share this beautiful modality with anyone who desires my help. It would be my absolute pleasure to help you in any way I can. I make no promises but from all the transformations I’ve seen clients make, I’m sure I could help anywhere from somewhat to a great deal. Worst case you’re just able to be much more relaxed and positive than you obviously already are.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to chat. Greg@hypnofy.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  2. Hey Chloe! My name is Rachael and I have a little boy who is also vaccine injured. Thankyou for being brave and sharing your story.
    I just wanted to tell you that there’s an amazing homeopath in the UK named Rita Kara Robinson who works with girls who have suffered a vaccine injury from gardasil. She is incredible!!
    Good luck

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  3. Where in the uk do you live. THERE is a cutting edge medicine which is called energy medicine.. it’s called NES HEALTH. it is a more advanced form of homeopathy. they are able to imprint water w information to let the body heal it self. i am about to start it on THURSDAY. if you go to WENDY MYERS on utube she can explain more. She a world renowned health expert and she used this system for her own health. this can be done remotely. i bought a scanner for 60 and plugged it into my computer, placed my hand on the scanner and it read my energy bio field.it
    s not expensive. The bottle of imprinted water which corrects energy systems in the body is only 25.00.. contact me thru messenger or a private message w details as to where you live and maybe i can find a practitioner for you. keep om trying. love laura

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  4. Hi Chloe, I have been following the dangers of vaccines ever since I found out about Vaxxed the movie. I came across your story on Facebook and I just had to write to you. I see others have reached out to help you, and I am here to do the same. My heart breaks from what you’re going through.
    My dad is a chiropractor and has spent most of his life trying to help people get well. For about 5 years he has working on something very different, something that combines quantum physics with neurology. If you’re willing to check it out, go to http://www.neuroreset.ca and hit the tab for Neuro-Connect. There you will see some quick videos and info on the science behind it. Essentially, the ‘devices’ as we call them, helps the brain reconnect to muscles, joints etc neurologically, after someone has experienced a trauma or accident. Essentially, it ‘unlocks’ the body from the trauma and allows it to heal efficiently. We are currently doing more research to see who and what it can help. We are receiving testimonies all the time, one of the latest ones was from a guy who had a stroke 5 years ago and had very poor balance. When we gave him a clip to wear, his quality of life vastly improved, was no longer losing his balance when bending down, and not having to support his weight whenever he carries something. We’re very new into discovering all of the ways this technology can help people, and if you’re willing to give it a try if be glad to send you some products because I shave a feeling it might help to you greatly.
    If you could send me an email to piaproductions@me.com I’d be very happy to make the arrangements.

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